0x80072f8f error, can't install


I had already check WSreset.exe and system time,but still 0x80072f8f error.

BTW, my Microsoft Store is all updated already. But still can’t install.

What should I do?

Hello @ixgnail, have you tried the three things you can see here ?Audirvana 3.5.5 can not open on win10 64bit

Yes, I tried. But still have that error.

Maybe my system is Chinese?I tried both in my office and my home,two different computer.

Can you try to change it to english and try again?

I have solved the problem by changing the System Proxy switch. I can’t install without proxy, but when I use proxy it will effects(blocks) something UMP service.

In a same problem, I can’t connecting Tidal. When I switch on System Proxy, I can’t see Tidal Login, it’s all white, but when I swich off System Proxy Tidal will stop in accounting frame.

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