2 pops when songs start, DSD 512

Oh great. Glad it worked out.

I have the same probleme with Windows when i change to Dsd in the first Time,later when the Playlist runs and not Stop is all okay.

Where did you change the memory preload?

You go to the active device page. Scroll down to low level playback options.
Just below…max memory allocated for tracks pre-load.

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I found it but still have the pop when I start in dsd mode.
After that everything stays the same.
It does not occur in Pcm mode.

Hi, I still have the problem. When I reduced the memory pre-load to 5000 it worked for a while, but after playing some albums and a DSD album starts the 2 pops are there again. I have the 2 pops each time it changes from PCM to DSD. I tried reducing the memory pre-load to 4000, but it didn’t work either.

Well , it has been a well known issue with this app. Many posts and people complaining with the problem. Try to push it a bit higher? I just relate to what I did with it. Good luck.

Yes, thank you anyway for your help. It’s a pity that still have not ben able to fix this issue with this software.

I habe read some postings about this Problem.
And some say the cause is the Asio driver.
When use the Wasapi is no Problem.

I will try it.

I have the same issue on DSD. Audirvana set to upsample to DSD. No issue when not using upsampling. @Damien3 any suggestions?

Asio has its days. No issues sometimes, can play PCM or DSD.
Reboot helps when it does not connect with DAC in main system or let it run on Wasapi/PC for a few minutes and switch.

This issue does not happen with different software on the same PC. Same USB driver for the DAC as well.