2 quirks with library Audirvana 3.5.50

Two questions while I was trying to clean up my library using macos 11.6 and audirvana 3.5.50

  1. For some reason, I get the wrong album art on some .iso albums
  • I’ve attached a photo to show example. You can see FAUST (version 1859) with correct album art
  • However, the next album, Rossini : Il barbiere di Siviglia also has the FAUST album art.
  • The rossini album is an iso, so cannot edit the album art in audirvana. the correct image file is in the rossini folder, yet for some reason, it wants to use the FAUST image.
  • when you actually play the rossini album, the correct album art is shown on the bottom and using the mini-player
  1. Another issue I’ve seen is that lets say I have a folder with 2 dsf files (side1.dsf and side2.dsf) along with a .cue file.
  • Often, audirvana will show the individual tracks from one of the dsf files , but not the other
  • example, side1.dsf will show as one long music file in audirvana, but side2.dsf will show up as individual tracks.
  • I’ve attached pic for a miles davis album. Audirvana separates side2.dsf into tracks 3,4,5. However, side1 remains one 20 mins track, instead of 2 tracks

Thanks for any input!!

FYI update - I read somewhere that audirvana doesn’t always update the iso metadata, so I dragged that folder to another HD, and then put it back. It now shows the correct album art.

When your tracks are already separated as side1.dsf and side2.dsf, you don’t need the .cue file
there to messed things up…remove it, put it somewhere else if you really love to keeps thing
not really usefull :wink:

.cue file are just needed when you have a CD in one .flac, .dsf, .ape or whatever file.

Less things, less troubles.

.iso, like .ape, like .wav sucks… convert them without losing anything to their real format…
no more troubles. Just enjoy your music :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply RuneHomeSlow,

So I moved the .cue file to another HD, and instead of having all the tracks listed, Audirvana just recognized side1.dsf and side2.dsf (so 2 long music tracks).

Weirdly, I put the .cue file back, and now I have 5 separate tracks listed.

It seems that without the .cue it won’t list the tracks. Like the image issue I had, I think Audirvana really likes having things removed the folder it is monitoring, then put back.

The sacd iso tag editor is really a life saver. converting my entire library to dsf is not a fast or easy thing, so at least i can do it with problematic iso but not the entire library

Thanks again