3 month trial of Qobuz

Glad to be on board. I’ve been using the software for a month almost and purchased a licence today.
Would you please advise me of details of the free trial with Qobuz which I would like to sign up for.

Go to Audirvana preferences menu and get your free voucher then connect with the button in same preferences window

Many thanks.
Really appreciate it.

I would like to make use of the Qobuz 3 months trial for HiRes, when reclaiming the voucher I end up on a page showing only the option of a cd quality trial subscription. How can I reclaim the 3 months HiRes quaility subscription?

You need to contact Qobuz support for that. You’ll probably get a month of HiRes testing, but it could be on top of the 3 months. Depends a bit on their mood.

Qobuz has a one month trial for HiRes streaming, but I understood that Audirvana would provide for an extension of that trial period for three months

As I understand things (and I’ve been wrong before…), and according to Audirvana’s website, the three month Qobuz with Audirvana trial is currently only available in some countries - notably not the UK or US
In my own case it was not available in the UK.

Thx, luckily in The Netherlands where I am located, it is available

Ah, good - lucky you!

I can’t offer you any advice, unfortunately, since I wasn’t fortunate enough to be able to claim an extended trial myself.
I can say, however, that after just one month’s trial of Qobuz and Audirvana I am very happy with both my purchase of Audirvana and my subscription to Qobuz.

Good luck!

Yes, Qobuz replied favourably. Thx bitracer