Actual played track: control-L does not show the actual track

Hi there
Reaching the actual track with control-L on Mac Audirvana 3.5.30 does not show the actual played track. It would be nice to have that track displayed in the open album view. Is that possible? Do I miss a trick?
Thank you

Are you in the track view while doing this?

No: I’m in album view

Really strange, when i do Command+L i do go to the track playing track, I think you making a mistake here, control+L doesn’t do anything.

Right: I meant Command+L
When I am in Album view of the whole library, it works. But when I am inside an album, it doesn’t. Can that be fixed?

This feature as not been designed to run in the Album view since it’s not a really long list of music and you have the loudspeaker next to the song currently playing.

What I meant: when you are looking into an other album than the actual playing, Command+L does not work. You can only reach it with the skip back function. If you have been watching several albums, it needs several skip back clicks. Command+L would be a very convenient solution.

Looks like developers did not understand that there is a problem…
but of course if you see different album on the screen, Command+L should always bring you back to one that is playing. How difficult is it to understand?

@ron_13, we just say that this is not currently available, not that we won’t do it in the future.

Thanks and sorry if my comment sounded too offensive, but it actually looked like misunderstanding. You were apparently talking about going to the now playing song in the currently playing and displayed album (really not a big deal), while O.P was saying that he has navigated away to the different album and shortcut doesn’t work (a very big deal)!

Let’s say, that the implementation of a broader Command+L command would make the navigation much more convenient.