Add a button 'Listen to {service_name}' to the online albums page


There is such a button for local albums:

Снимок экрана 2024-06-15 в 12.10.07

BTW, Why is there only Tidal and where is ‘Listen to Qobuz version’?

I have two subscriptions – Tidal and Qobuz. Tidal is more convenient for me to find new music, and Qobuz has the best sound quality in my opinion.

So it would be great to have ‘Listen to {service_name}’ button on Tidal and Qobuz album pages as well as on local albums.

Is it possible?


Hi @fightality

Are you certain that a Qobuz version is actually available for streaming?


That’s the local album in your screenshot. But why is there no TIDAL button? Why not two options at the same time? I have two accounts (Tidal and Qobuz) active in Audirvana, why do I only see the TIDAL button in the local albums?

But these are side issues. I don’t want to confuse the developers, as the request was about something else.

Wasn’t your original screenshot also of an album from your local library? The reason I posted my screenshot was to indicate that a Qobuz version is available, and I assumed you thought that this feature was limited to Tidal only.

The reason I don’t have a Tidal button is because I don’t have a tidal account.

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No. The question was why there is only one button and not two.

It doesn’t matter. I have both accounts, but there is only one button.

But again, the request was about something else. There is no button in the online albums.

Hi @fightality,

I understand your point. I will need to see with the team how we can improve this.

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