Add music to Audirvana Win10

How can I add music from the library I want, I want to add music, this software just doesn’t work in Windows 10, I’m trying to add new music in Audirvana from mi second HDD and nothing works, this is the worst software ever.

The second drive needs to have a different volume name from the first one.

It has a different name, it’s just Audirvana doesn’t work, that’s all, a bad software to organize music, I prefer Foobar2000, you find the music in the computer a and play, just like that, nothing of problems, they way it’s supposed to be.

Sure, Foobar is nice piece of software. If you’re happy with it, why not, stick with it. It’s also a question of personal preference.

It will save you some money too.

Audirvana has better quality in sound, that’s why I’m interested on it, but then, why the music doesn’t appear in my library, I’m following the instruction, why it doesn’t work like it supposed to be?, amazing quality Audio and a piece of crap in organization and functions.

Actually it’s pretty good with managing the library as soon as you figure it out how to load the files. :wink:

I answered in this other thread:

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