Add TIDAL Playlist

Hi @Damien3,

Quite often I add a new playlist in Tidal and then want to use it in Audirvana. On the Windows app you can update the list of playlists using the “Add TIDAL Playlist” option.

However, I generally don’t use the desktop app. Would it be possible to include an “Add TIDAL Playlist” option on the Audirvana Remote for iOS and iPadOS?


Hello @Zkeller, when you want to add a Tidal track to a playlist, do you have the option to create a new playlist?

Typically I am working with playlists that I have created in Tidal. At startup Audirvana Remote reads all the Tidal playlists. But if I add a new one during the session, then there is no button for ‘refreshing’ the playlists so that I can see any new playlists that I added in Tidal.

Does that make sense?

There is no button to refresh because the new playlist is automatically added to your Tidal playlists. Can you make some screenshot with a test so we can try to reproduce it on our side?

I don’t make playlists in Audirvana, I make them in Tidal and want to see them in Audirvana. Here’s the process:

  1. List of playlists in Audirvana

  2. Make new playlist in Tidal

  3. Playlist is now in Tidal

  4. New playlist not listed in Audirvana