Adding itunes to audirvana

How do i add my iTunes library to my audirvana library??

What are all the steps in adding my iTunes library to audirvana?

Hello @Terrywayne, to synchronize iTunes in Audirvana you’ll need to go in Audirvana settings and in the library section select the 2nd method.

I still dont know what to do, I’m not familiar on how to do this at all, so if you can help me step by step, i would really appreciate it, thank you

Open the “Preferences” and in the Library section select “2nd method: iTunes Library Synchronisation”.

Is there any advantage to using an iTunes managed Library rather than files in folders on a hard drive? (It seem like iTunes is not all that great, my iTunes library seems to always have issues that I need to manually fix.)
My plan it to re-rip my entire CD collection lossless and if there is an advantage, I would use ALAC format to end up with a lossless library that iTunes can use as well as Audirvana.

Rip it in FLAC. Once you switch to Audirvana you won’t be going back to iTunes/Music app.

I do not have a second method, see

I do not have a second method, See

Hello @Terrywayne, you are on Windows 10, that’s why you don’t have this synchronization option.

So I cannot do it then, correct