After reinstallation Audivarna doesn't start

Hello, I think I have forgot to evoke my license after deleting audivarna and now the after reinstallation.
Please reset my license.

Best regards

The reason could be that if you realy deleted Audirvana instead of re-instelling that there is still information about Audirvana left in the Operation System which prevent against a good re-install. (you should uninstall first, clean O.S. directories if needed and re-install.
Cleaning is easy by the use of a “pc cleaner” , like f.i. Ccleaner or otters.
Revoke always your license before uninstalling Audirvana. Of could be that you must waite for some time before you can re-install Audirvana!
(normally 1 day or in a weekend 2 days, because “people” from Audirvana must reset your license!!!

Hi mollie,

thanks for your help. Now it works. :slightly_smiling_face:
The reset of my license went very quickly.