Album Sort "date added" in Album View does not make sense

Hi. I’m coming from Roon and the only reason i used Roon was the “date added” sorting, that showed the albums I recently added to my library first. There is a “date added” sorting option in audirvana, but to me it does not make sense. Today I added my entire library of albums (2000+) and when I click to sort “date added” it shows albums that I have added to my library years ago at first. It does not distinguish between the actual date of the single files. Is there an option to sort for “date last modified”? I know that it is possible in “track view”, but I don’t want a list view. I want this in the album artwork view. Is this possible?


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Hello @Schallhoerer, thank you for your feedback, we will implement this feature in an upcoming update of Audirvana :wink:

Hi Damien. Thanks. Is there any timeline were i can expect that feature to be implemented?

For the moment we can’t provide you an precise date for the release of this feature, keep your Audirvana up to date so when it will come up you could use it :slight_smile:

Any news on this? Which is the best way to access the most crrent CDs added to the library? Shall I prepare a list?