Albums View shows nothing when group is enabled on the desktop

On my iPad when I select “Home” I can see all my “Artists” but when I choose the “Album” view it’s blank. On my Mac Mini i can see everything in “Albums” view.


can you please send screenshots of the issue you are talking about?

A similar thing happens to me tool , Indeed Many artists are not displayed

And what do you see in 3.5?

I can no longer attach more photos, can I send by email?

You should be able now, can you try again?

What about your Qobuz Favorites?


It’s your local favorites, not the Qobuz one

Seems like there is no problem in the Remote as far as I can see, you do have the correct amount of Qobuz favorites artists, in the case of albums, i’m also pretty sure it’s the same.

These bugs have been around for over a year but the most important thing for me is to get the horizontal view back on Remote via ipad​:sob::joy::mechanical_arm:

Again, I don’t see where is the issue on the Remote, it gives you the same things as you have in 3.5 :sweat_smile:

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I already stated about this that it will be fixed in a different thread


Thank you and happy holidays in music!:christmas_tree::notes::top::partying_face:

Wow, my “Remote” and “Desktop” look nothing like Giacomin’s. My “Remote” I’m thinking is version 4.0 and my “Desktop” is 2.2.2. What is version 3.5.5??? Confused.
Here are my “Remote” screenshots. On the “Albums” page I can see a faint image of the Mac spinning wheel under “Recently Added” but it’s not spinning.