All local files duplicated

Strange phenomenon. All the tracks in my local library are duplicated. I installed AS and it automatically converted my local library for me.

But, in every album all tracks are duplicated. The albums are not doubled, only the tracks. Very annoying because it renders my local discs unplayable.

I already tried renaming/deleting my library. AS then did the same trick as before with the same results. Read the library from the previous version and duplicate all tracks.

In Audirvana 3.5 everything is as it should be without any duplicate tracks.
Any ideas anyone?

Hello @Erick,

Can you make a screenshot of your Library settings in AS and one of the album with this issue?

Hello Damien,
I deleted my library and had it migrated from 3.5 again. Some albums that had double tracks are ok now, but alas not all of them. So, unfortunately the problem persists. In 3.5 it shows up normally, i checked and the tracks are imported only once, so there is no mistake there.

Would you, by any chance, have erased your music collection and not emptied your trashcan?
I seem to remember a time when Audirvana still displayed tracks if they had been moved to the trashcan without this one being empied.

Hm, Indeed I haven’t emptied the trash. I’ll do that first thing tomorrow. Thanks for the tip. I hope it was golden.

Unfortunately emptying the trash didn’t work.

Sorry this did not help you.
Hopefully @Antoine will put his white shining armour and chivalrously ride to your rescue.

Haha, I’m counting on it. But I can imagine he’s got more pressing things on his mind right now. I’ll wait and see. In the meantime I enjoy streaming services as long as AS doesn’t kill my dlna.

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