Alphabetic Listing on Remote

I just switched to Studio from the purchased version of Audirvāna. I’m using the new remote on my iPad Pro and one feature I miss is an alphabetic listing of my local music which allowed me to go right to the artists starting with the letter tapped. With the new remote I have to scroll down which takes a long time to find my artist’s albums given my extensive library. Am I missing something on the new remote or is this feature not available?

Sadly, not there, baby remote now.

I can only point out that this is most important function which was working well with Audirvana 3.5 and is not available at Adirvana Origin/Studio

Dear Audirvana team, please take care to enable that feature as soon as possible also for Audirvana Origin users, otherwise the Remote App is useless !!!

Same disappointment here. Worse, the scrolling is not as efficient as is typical of Apple apps. That is, the scrolling is S-L-O-W comparatively. There is no (very little if any) rubber-banding. I do not know Apple’s correct terminology but the phrase is used often in English.

I don’t know how large a typical user’s library is but mine is 2 TB and scrolling is unbearable. I usually revert to typing in Search. A major PITA and certainly not “Apple elegant”.

And the side listing of letters used to be present?! And no reply from Audirvana folks here?

Hello @tmthylance,

You are referring to a thread that is four months old. The alphabetic listing is in the Beta of the update of the Remote. Are you using a Android or iOS device?

iOS version

I will do a post on the forum about the launch of the Beta for iOS later today, just wait a little bit more and you will get access to this feature :wink:

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