Amazon Music HD integration

Please implement support for Amazon Music (HD). With the new HD offering it looks to be compelling alternative to Tidal and Qobuz.

Would be great to see it supported in Audirvana.


I couldn’t agree more. Damien, I’m sure you’ve been noticing Amazon’s trajectory towards HD.

I think there’s a tremendous opportunity here for Audirvana if it incorporates Amazon streaming into its application. I plan on switching from Tidal to Amazon, and I hope Audirvana stays on board so I can still use it with Amazon.


Because they are Amazon, we believe their new HD service will contribute to promote quality audio, and we support that in general. So we are open to integrate their service into Audirvana, but that is the only thing we can say so far.


Yes, I would enthusiastically wait for the integration with the Amazon music HD.
Hopefully , we would hear something from you soon @damien?


we know Damien and this opportunity will be his next target… believe me… Audirvana is his baby and a baby should grow !!!

Awesome, thanks! I figured you probably would be. I look forward to more!

+1 for intergrating Amazon HD into Audirvana. Audirvana is an excellent piece of software!

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Is there a way for us current Amazon music users to play the music now via any kind of workaround on Audirvana? I’m using the Eunhasu Music Player to play to my SOtM SMS-200 streamer to my PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC.

Or would we need to wait for Audirvana to officially partner with Amazon like you currently do with Tidal and Qobuz (I’m currently using Tidal and plan on switching).


I too would love to see Amazon HD services able to stream through Audirvana!

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Me, too

Hard to see Tidal and Qobuz being able to survive Amazon Music HD

I presume from Damien’s post that the matter comes down to how much money Amazon wants in license fees.

Wouldn’t be surprised if the “Music” app that will replace iTunes also has a HD component, but Apple is notorious for not allowing third-party apps to tap into its “ecosystem.”

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I hope that they lower the prices. Just look at Qobuz Sublime and how much it costs.

At the moment, the streaming in CD quality and beyond is just too expensive. No wonder people started to buy CDs again for the 5$/€ just to get the content in good quality.

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+1 from me for integration!
I have a headless Mac mini running as my music server & normally use the A+ Remote to play my music, but can only use a ‘remote desktop’ app to listen to Amazon Music HD…

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Amazon Music HD would be awesome, if integrated in Audirvana. So I can also stream in 24bit to my Chord Poly.


I would like to see Amazon integration as well! I’m all for dropping the price and improving the quality. Amazon has deep pockets, so their service should improve quickly.


Deep pockets? Yes, because they have their hands deep in yours😈
Sorry, couldn’t resist. Truth is, after pushing the competition out of business, prices will rise.


I just want to say that after a morning of trying Amazon HD that it is at least as good as Tidal without Audirvana and the menus of the native app are a heck of a lot better. I want to cast my vote and express my humble and enthusiastic request for a splendid and elegant integration with Audirvana.


I’ll join my voice to those who would deeply appreciate Amazon Music HD being folded into Audirvana. What a combo that would be! Like others have said, I think Amazon’s dive into HD music will help popularize lossless music streaming. And if Audirvana taps into Amazon, that should in turn make others aware of this wonderful music app!


I tried the Amazon HD service using Amazon’s Desktop Player for a couple hours comparing identical tracks (same bit rate & same format) streamed from Quobuz through A+ and Amazon’s HD service playing through the Amazon Desktop music player. The Amazon player audio quality sucks. Without Audirvana integration the service is frankly a waste of time and money.


This is the crucial point …cheap price for a poor quality…no thanks …keep Qobuz …expensive but quality wise so good…we wait the launch in France to give them a chance…

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