Android remote always returns screen to A

Whenever the screen times-out after refresh the screen does not return to playing album but goes to the top of the Albums “A”.
Android Galaxy

Exactly same with me. You don’t get the now playing album. Where has it gone? The only way I can retrieve it is to close the app then swipe it away on my iPad and reopen, reconnect with my computer and there is now playing album but it will disappear on sleep.

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There is a way of retrieving currently playng album after the damn’d sleeping farago…

Press on bottom left image to get to track playing and then on the three dots on left under track description press “Show Album”.

I know… took me ages to find it.

I’d like a quick shortcut on left of screen where there is a lot of spare space.

Even when I close my Remote App and reopen I’m still at the “A”

I reported the issue to our developer. It will be fixed in the next update I hope.

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