App freeze while browsing Qobuz playlists

Hi I’m on version 3.5.20 with MacOS Catalina and while browsing the various sub-sections of the Qobuz playlists, the app would sometimes completely freeze. I would need to force-quit the app and restart it. Does anyone else have this issue?

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I can also reproduce this on 3.5.29. Here’s what it looks like (see screenshot). The app is not scrollable, no UI elements respond to any click.

Hello @d6n, have you tried to disconnect and reconnect your Qobuz account?

Yes, I just tried it. Same issue. Here’s a video showing what happens.

Does it occur every time you do this? If it’s the case next time you have this issue can you force Audirvana to quit? You’ll see a hang report that you could send me in private message. This would be really helpful.

Yep, it happens every time. I just sent you the thread dump.

It seems fixed with 3.5.30. Thank you!