Apple Music sync using same library

I have Apple Music and Audirvana Origin using the same library. some albums/artists is the library not appearing in Audirvana, and some not appearing in Apple Music. I want to use Apple Music for metadata management. My library does not seem to correctly sync with either AO or AM

Can you go in your Audirvāna Origin settings under the local section and send a screenshot of what you see for the section “Use my iTunes/Music library”?

Thanks Antoine. Pic attached
Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 7.35.10 am

Better pic

Screen Shot 2022-09-23 at 7.46.32 am

It seems to me that Audirvana is ignoring 2812 tracks. Could those be the albums/artists that are not showing up?

It seems not. Artist count in AO is 723. Artist folder album in Finder is 656, Is it possible that AO is ignoring non-audio files stored in the iTunes Media folder?

My guess would be if they are DRM protected.

I think I have discovered part of the problem - music I have been importing into Music has been creating a new Media folder within the library folder, and so have not been recognised by AO. I moved the music into the correct location and they have now appeared. My library folder setting for Music seems so be correct but something weird happening. I’ll investigate further. Still can’t figure out how some albums are not showing in Music but are in the library folder.


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