Artist listing split

I seem to have a couple instances where the artist has been split. As you can see from my screenshot I have Axel Flovent and Asgeir listed twice. They don’t contain the same albums so it’s not a duplicate. I have double checked the metadata and all is the same with regards to the “artist”. Any ideas?

Click once on first Axel artist to open it, bring the meta data panel and check name and sorting, then check second Axel the same if different…

As far as I can tell, identical. I have also checked the files using a program on Mac called “Meta”.

copy first name, and recopy it to the four other place,
maybe there is a space after you don’t see?

try also with removing the accent?

also when clicking the first artist, click that album and see in info panel if it as only one artist there?

Yes, only "one " artist. Spaces are the same in both. Odd, because in PLEX it shows as one collection. I’ll try and remove the accent (which is odd considering this is a German written program, is it not?) Thanks again.

Audirvana is French :wink: Completely different accent :rofl:

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Sorry, Hopefully I didn’t insult them. The French use accents as well, last I saw?

Yes they do, but their accent is completely different from the German accent :grinning: (I know lame joke).


Good one though!


Removing the accent for Axel Flovent seemed to resolve the issue. Thanks. Interesting though, in PLEX it still has the accent on the “o” even though the metadata was changed. Seems like PLEX recognizes the proper Artist spelling even with my change. Interesting. Maybe PLEX uses a particular database for reference. Always a mystery :upside_down_face:

maybe the accent done in Plex is not a real accent going on a letter o
in french that accent goes on a letter e

i don’t even know hot to put that accent with my french canadian keyboard but as a graphic designer i use Popchar app sometimes to find letters or character… it as the ó

well if you want to try my accented o from Popchar as in your Artist name to see if they split again or stay :slight_smile: copy/paste.

Axel Flóvent

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Thanks, I’ll try that and let you know. PS. If you haven’t heard his music, it’s pretty good!

As usual @RunHomeSlow, going above and beyond.
Bravo mate :clap: :clap: :+1:

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lol @Ironz

there is also something about text how it is saved format…
UTF-8 Encode… they are others format, don’t know nothing about that,
but maybe that is something working or not in Audirvana…


Hello @Ric1,

I will need those two files with the accent on the artist so I can try to reproduce your issue. You can send them at If they are above 20MB, please send a mail and I will give you a like to upload them.

Thanks Antoine, I’m away for a few days so I’ll get them to you ASAP.

RunHomeSlow…I used your version of “Axel Flóvent” and the albums all stayed together. Would you be so gracious to create one for the artist “Ásgeir”?
I’ll send copies of my original files in question to Antoine so he can have a look at what he can find.

here it is :slight_smile: