AS: Long delay to launch app (Mac)

Hi @Antoine

I noticed on macOS 11.x Big Sur when I launch Studio there is about an 8 second delay before the application window shows up.

Not sure if this is a known or a common issue.

MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018), 2.9GHz i9, 32GB RAM
Qobuz account setup as well as only 3 local artists with 37 albums total.

I have a reasonably fast i7 (16 GB RAM) windows PC and on my PC it takes about 4-5 seconds. I see that in your case it takes a bit longer, but it does not seem abnormally long. Audirvana has a lot of initializing to do when starting up. It also depends on how large your music library is, where it is located, how fast your drive is (loading album pictures in the GUI) etc.

I would be worried if it was taking minutes, but 8 seconds not so much.

It’s just unusual to not have the main app window to show up for so long on Mac.

The library is tiny in this case. The Mac ssd storage is really fast so that’s not the bottleneck.

3.5 with my full library has about one second delay.
Which I also think is disturbing but totally livable.

Anyways just something I noticed and I think it should be addressed. If not a priority then whatever.

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3.5 doesn’t load radioS and podcastS…

Good point.
Also good argument for allowing to opt out of those services so they also don’t take up place in the sidebar @Antoine

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