AS windows automatically enlarged when clicking on "My account"

Dear all,

Here is a strange behaviour I observed on AS 2.3.1 on MAC (Ventura 13.0.1):

  • When I click to “My account” in the “Parameters” sub-window, the main window enlarges automatically
  • I cannot resize the windows
  • The menus on the left are shrunk and I cannot make them visible altough the mouse pointer turns into the appropriate icon when hovering on the edge of the menu box.
  • if I click on any other options of the parameters menu, Windows size does not change but I’m able to resize it and to make the left menus more visible.


Hi @patifr,

It’s maybe related to the change we made on the help section, can you confirm this?

Bonjour Antoine,
Not sure to catch the idea here…
Could you be more specific and tell me what I’m supposed to do to confirm your guess?

I meant do you have the text description dispalyed on the Help section like I do have?

Ah, yes, this I have! With that very long sentence…
So, you have the same behaviour on your side?

Yes, my guess is that we need to add a return to line in such case.

Edit: it will be fixed in the next update.