Atempt to change source by stopping play

Have the latest version of Audirvana for the Mac. When I first open Audirvana I sometimes forgtet to change to the appropriate source. So, as instructed, I stop play and attempt to change to the proper source. That does not work. I have to close Audirvana, and then first set the source. This can get to be fairly inconvenient after a while and I wonder why just stopping the music that’s playing doesn’t allow me to change sources without have to close the program and restart it. Any input appreciated. Thanks.

This problem of changing audio output is a puzzle to me too. Having to close and reopen the app seems extreme but it is the only action that works for me. I’m surprised we have not heard more complaints about it. Or do most used only have one output option?
I think it needs attention.

Most assuredly agreed. Happens to me very often. Sometimes Audirvana automatically finds the correct source, other times not. Frustrating to say the least.