AU showing tiny at the screen

Since the update to Audrivana 3.5 my Waves equalizer show tiny at the adjustments screen any fix for this, please see image I can do any adjustment in my EQ

Hello @srenetm, Which version of OS are you using? You should contact the manufacturer of your plugin so they can work on a fix for this issue.

Thanks for the reply. I’m using Catalina . I have installed the latest version of waves plug in that supports Catalina. Any other thing I can try??

Did you downloaded the latest version of the plugin (v11)? In fact we have this plugin in this version and it is displayed correctly.

Hi , yes it is Q10 V11.0.0 Audirvana 3.5.28 (3558) and Catalina 10.15.1. Any other suggestions to try?

Just to close this case I ran audirvana as a low low resolution software and that fixed the issues

The case is still wide open for me. As can be seen from the screen shot, my Waves plug-in appears tiny in Audirvana. I cannot change any parameters. Lowering the screen resolution does not resolve the problem. Waves support has been just as unhelpful as the developer’s support here. I was told that Audirvana is not tested by Waves, therefore not certified, and therefore I need for Audirvana to provide support.

Hi do not lower the screen resolution, exit audirvana, go to the application menu select audirvana and from the menu choose run in low resolution

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, on my iMac, I have no idea how to do this. I see no option from the menu to run Audirvana or any other specific application in lower resolution.

BUT–when I checked my applications folder, I discovered that I still have Audirvana Plus (version 3.2.16 [3149]) installed. So, I checked it. And guess what? The Waves plug-in and other AUs appear normally in this version. I can tweak parameters and load presets. But what I can’t get it to do is load and play a track when I have an Audio Unit selected. Instead, I receive an error message stating that Audirvana cannot load the first track.

I have no idea why I am encountering these problems. If anyone else has done so, then I’d be very glad to hear from you.

You need to Quit Audirvana and in the Application folder of your Mac Right click on Audirvana>Get Info>Open in Low resolution

Thank you, and sorry I missed that. It does resolve the problem of the plug-in display and allowing me to see and change the parameters of the plug-in.

Unfortunately, the unresolved problem is that Audirvana won’t play when I load an Audio Unit. In the earlier version. I get the error message that I described above. In the latest version, I hear a few clicks clicks, the song tries to load, and then it stops working. The only way I can get the application to work is by turning off the Audio Units function completely

Have you contacted Waves for your issue?

Yes, I did contact Waves. Here is their response:

“Audivarna [sic] was never qualified nor tested with any Waves products, it might work just fine with unsupported setups but in case it does not there is not much we can assist with as your application was never qualified. Please make sure your setup complies with our **System Requirements and Supported Hosts.”

This is kind annoying that you got a response like that. I’m sorry for you that they don’t want to make a fix for it. Maybe there is more people that had this response on other forum.

Yes, thank you; I agree. But Waves seems to want to wash their hands of the matter. I hope that if anyone else here has that problem that there will be a discussion here.