Audirvana 3.5.8: No access to bought albums of HighResAudio


who does also have a problem with Audirvana 3.5 to log in into HighResAudio successful? I get the error message “No subscription”, but if I login per web to HighResAudio directly, all is fine and I have access to my albums. Yes I have no longer a membership there, but with Audirvana 3.2 I still could listen at least my bought albums. I guess Damien only has forgotten to implement the access to the bought albums of HRA (Digital Locker „VirtualVault“).


Me too… was about to post on this… a bit frustrating always to to click “cancel” when starting Audirnava 3.5.x.

I hope that the problem will be fixed soon. Recently I wrote emails with an employee of HRA support: The streaming of bought music should work (there is no trouble on the HRA side). I guess Damien has refused or forgotten to re-implement this feature. I’m surprised that no other users except us report missing access to the bought albums of HRA here and that Damien is silent till know. Is he reading this post and feature request?! It is important to get access to HRA by using Audirvana.