Audirvana 3.5.9 fails to play some FLAC files

Starting with 3.5.9 version on Windows 10 I have a problem with playing some files in FLAC format. Audirvana process files (shows grey progress bar that goes up to the end) and playback gets stack at 00:00 position and stays there during playlist playing. Without manual action - like switching to another song - it simply stops playing and do nothing, being stack at the file. Files are on local NFS SSD hard drive. Directory is not a network share either.

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How are you connected to your DAC? Wireless or with USB? Did you enabled upsampling in your audio output?

My DAC is iFi iDAC2 connected through USB 2.0. Yes I have upsampling enabled.

Have you tried to set it to other setting than “Max frequency” or disable it?

Actually I am upsampling either to x2 or DSD256 since I haven’t upgraded my dac firmware from version 5 so DSD256 is maximum it can handle at the moment. I will try with disabled setting. Thank you.

Good day Alekc.

I had the same problem… for a very stupid reason, so I guess it could happen to others. Is the repertory with your FLAC files the one indicated in the settings? When one uses different external disks, stuff can happen. Good luck.