Audirvana 3.5.9 fails to play some FLAC files

Starting with 3.5.9 version on Windows 10 I have a problem with playing some files in FLAC format. Audirvana process files (shows grey progress bar that goes up to the end) and playback gets stack at 00:00 position and stays there during playlist playing. Without manual action - like switching to another song - it simply stops playing and do nothing, being stack at the file. Files are on local NFS SSD hard drive. Directory is not a network share either.

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How are you connected to your DAC? Wireless or with USB? Did you enabled upsampling in your audio output?

My DAC is iFi iDAC2 connected through USB 2.0. Yes I have upsampling enabled.

Have you tried to set it to other setting than “Max frequency” or disable it?

Actually I am upsampling either to x2 or DSD256 since I haven’t upgraded my dac firmware from version 5 so DSD256 is maximum it can handle at the moment. I will try with disabled setting. Thank you.

Good day Alekc.

I had the same problem… for a very stupid reason, so I guess it could happen to others. Is the repertory with your FLAC files the one indicated in the settings? When one uses different external disks, stuff can happen. Good luck.

Yes it is the same directory pointed in configuration so I guess this is not the reason. Anyway at least 2 new updates are out so I have to test it again. Maybe the problem has been fixed already.

I use 3.5.40 and I faced the same symptom - flac files not recognised (24bit/96khz stereo). I tried everything but I thought it is just a software bug (as I also saw another bug). I just recreated the library db in a different directory and it worked :crazy_face::crazy_face:

Just in case if you are wondering what was the other bug:

I removed all the watch directories except the one that had the flacs. But it was failing to remove all the other music in the LIBRARY interface! That got fixed too with the above hack!