Audirvana 3.5+ and Audirvana Origin Cannot Import from Synology

I am a long-time Macintosh user, Unix user and a veteran of global enterprise networks, both data and voice.

Two days ago I acquired a 4-bay Synology 420+ and I dutifully installed it on the network and populated the NAS with drives full of music files (FLAC + DSF) and have it up and running perfectly with Roon, but when I go into Audirvana I can select the drives over the network in both versions of Audirvana, but nothing gets imported, it starts and then just stops.

And yes I have cleanly uninstalled both applications and deleted the folder from the Application Support directory as well any files in the Preferences folder, rebooted the Mac and then cleanly re-installed both apps. And that made no bit of difference.

SMB is set up to accept both levels 3 & 2. All is enabled as it should. The drive being read in ROON is being accessed via SMB, so we know that works.

I have to believe this is about how Audirvana reads files and syntax. Apart from that, I can’t imagine what else would cause this to occur.

Just went back to both applications to make sure and confirm that when Synology network drives are selected, the applications Start Syncing and then within 2 seconds they just stop whatever they were trying to do.

Been a while since I’ve used my synology with any Audirvāna products but just thinking back, are you running one of the synology media server packages? I’m in the process of moving and cannot tell you which one I use but it’s probably the most popular one?
More folks will probably chime in soon.

Best luck with it!

Just to be clear I am not running ANY Synology music/media applications. I am simply running the Synology 420+ as a NAS, nothing else, and as described above, neither version of Audirvana will import any files from the drives.

Ok understand that, I’m a bit fuzzy on the setup I have. My NAS is still packed at another house. I do remember having some issues getting media to be recognized but this may have been my Denon AVR and Oppo devices. I figured out I needed to install a package from the synology forum users. Sorry I’m not able to help more precisely. We have some NAS users that should chime in soon I’m hopeful.

So, this is becoming either more intriguing or pathetic depending upon one’s perspective. As stated EVERYTHING work with ALL other applications and the Apple OSX Monterey operating system. I figured there’s got to be something else going on, so I turned off both AFP and NFS file services on the Synology 420+ and then we started getting somewhere as it started to actually sync files off a drive I pointed to from both Audirvana applications which contain 4+ TB of music, it started to add a few albums, i.e 3 in total and then just hung there with the message "Started syncing ".

I thought this rather odd, so I created a small scratch drive in the Synology and populated that with a dozen albums. And those synced perfectly as they should. Is there a drive size limit? Does Audrivana not want to sync that many files all at once?

Pathetic, because I shouldn’t have to turn off file services, I don’t do that with Roon or anly other application. And seriously, file capacity? Is that really an issue in 2022.

Yeah I certainly know how your feeling the frustration, initial syncing can be problematic even with a local drive. Add to the fact that Audirvāna network reliability seems to be spotty at best. Have you thought to post at Audiophile Style forum?

The issue would appear to be Audirvana and how it handles file services, in this instance it does not want SMB, AFP and presumably, NFS configured simultaneously on the Synology box. Why???

Lastly, syncing the much LARGER drive is a no-go for Audirvana. Again, not a problem in Roon, and that being the only difference, this is squarely on Audirvana HQ to fix. I’ve done all the triage am prepared so to do.

Can you try to open Audirvāna Studio using Terminal? You can find it under the Utilities folder in Application.
We recommend you to copy and paste each line one at a time and press enter each time you paste a line:

cd …
cd …

Applications/Audirvana\\ Studio

After doing this, try to sync the drive you want and check Terminal, do you see an error in it?

Yes there are error messages and NOT due to syncing but rather that via terminal Audirvana Origin NOT Studio cannot recognize the selected UPnP output device and then proceeds to hang on Accessibility to MediaKeys on the Macintosh and then just hangs.

When I launch Audirvana normally from its application icon it manages to recognize the UPnP output device and play music. It also does not pop up a window requestions access to the Mediakeys.

I was planning to post my own issue when I saw yours. For fun, I just deleted the AIFF music files on an SSD that is connected to my M1 Mac mini and am synching the same AIFF music files that are stored on my Synology DS1019+ NAS. I’ve never had a problem synching music files on my NAS. I’m not running any kind of server on the NAS; the music files are simply stored in a sub-directory. Not being a computer geek, I really can’t give you any technical advice. However, when you hit the + icon under “Preferences-1st method:Monitored folders,” you must tell Audirvana the path to the files stored on your NAS. Keep clicking until you get to the desired folder. Good luck.

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