Audirvana 32 bit Windows

I am looking for a 32 bit version of audirvana for windows, it could be an older version, it doesn’t have to be latest and greatest. I am not running any plugins, just vanilla audirvana

What are the options here, is there a way to buy legacy licenses? Or perhaps a build with 32 bit instead?

Thank you

There never have been a 32 bit version of Audirvana since we need to be in 64 bit because some function are not available in 32 bit

I see, the reason I was asking is because of Windows 10 on ARM machine that I have which can emulate x86 applications., as well as native Windows ARM apps. More details here

Can I please ask as a feature request, binaries for ARM64 architecture?

Thank you

We had some request about Audirvana on ARM and made some test but for the moment we can’t give you more information about it.

Hi Damien,

I’m in a similar situation with a notebook I was given by a friend who no longer had any use for it.I have recently successfully upgraded Win10 to 20H2 on a 64-bit laptop connected to my main hi-fi system and I installed one copy of Audirvana on it. As I’m so impressed with Audirvana, I thought I would install the second copy on that notebook (normally connected to another, somewhat lower quality system). I have now discovered that the notebook contains an Intel Atom N270 CPU and that the old Win 10 Pro (version 1511) running on it is also 32-bit.
As space is something of a premium where the notebook is concerned I’ll look around for another 64-bit one of similar physical size.

John Marchington