Audirvana always sync at startup

Hi guys,

I noticed recently that Audirvana always make a sync at startup, even if i’ve not added files in my library, that was not the case before.

As i have a pretty large library (215’000 tracks), this is a bit annoying because it takes some time to let me choose a playlist or whatsoever i want to do in Audirvana.

Is it possible to have an explanation Damien ? or at least fix this “issue” please.

Otherwise i’m very happy and pleased with this new version !

Best regards.

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Bonjour @Lolodesiles

Please see also an opposite behaviour in the discussion

Greetings, Martin

Hello Martin,

Je ne sais pas sur quelle version tu es, mais moi en v 3.5.26 sous OSX 10.14.1, je n’ai pas le choix pour la synchro auto ou manuelle sur un lecteur local, je suis d’office en auto, ce qui ne me pose pas de problème vu que j’ajoute souvent des fichiers à ma biblio.

Merci de ta réponse.

Bonjour @Lolodesiles
J’utilise Audirvana 3.5.2 sur Windows 10.

  • En cas de “AUTO” et “Always sync on startup” Audirvana functions like expected: it always syncs on startup.

  • En cas de “AUTO” et “Always sync on startup: NO” Audirvana functions like expected: it does not sync on startup. -> And if I understand you right, @Lolodesiles, in your installation the behaviour is different.

  • En cas de “Manual” et “Always sync on startup” Audirvana DOES NOT FUNCTION like expected: it does not sync on startup but it should! @Damien3: Qu’est-ce que vous y pensez?

  • En cas de “Manual” et “Always sync on startup: NO” Audirvana functions like expected: it does not sync on startup.

Hello all - i would be tempted to think this is a difference between macosx and win10. I use a Mac and even though it does refresh everytime i open A, i can use it and listen. It blinks a little bit and sometimes crashes, so i avoid oding this and be patient a few seconds.

On the flip side, my father uses it on a PC (and has a lot more albums than me). Both of us store music on a NAS. He can absolutely NOT not use A until the whole sync process is finished, which takes very long minutes, each time!

I have been trying to get him on A since years, he has finally purchased licenses, and now it is a difficult sell, as the user friendliness is less than perfect … :///

Hello @danberilloux and @Lolodesiles,

You can try by deactivate the auto startup sync on Windows 10 since the mechanism to sync files is a bit different on MacOS and Windows 10. If you do that you have to be aware that if you make some change in your library you will have to manually synchronize your library to be up to date.

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Thanks @Damien3 it looks like the best option for PC users indeed. Have you had a chance to take a look at the famous “duplicate” issue, that a lot of us have discussed in this forum (another topic with many responses + my email to you a few weeks ago)?

The duplicate issue are related to iTunes, which we can’t control that it can make duplicate of your files in your computer. We know its a annoying issue but it is definitely not an Audirvana issue.

thanks @Damien3 … but no, i am not using iTunes since years, neither is @RunHomeSlow and a few others here … The duplicate files appear typically when you add or move tracks/folders in a watched folder, or between watched folders, while Audirvana is running. It seems to “never forget” the old location, while indexing the new location too. This can be worked around by only doing movements of files/folders while Audirvana is closed, and letting it sync cleanly when you open it … but really not ideal.
I can explain further (in french) if you need more information to debug. This is clearly a problem.