Audirvana always sync at startup

Hello everybody,
I use audirvana on mac with great satisfaction.
what I just can’t solve is to avoid synchronization every time I start the program … I can’t change the option from always on start up to manual. furthermore, the word synchronization in progress never disappears.
do you have any idea how to solve it?
thank you very much

Hello @Teddy_k, you mean you can’t disable this button?

yes and the word “auto” remains in the string(moreover i can’t modify from auto to manual)


What is the path of the folder you had synchronized? The “Auto” next to your synced library means that it will detect automatically any change in this folder (like metadata edit or adding new files)

the folder containing the music is inside an external usb3 disk.
what is strange is that audirvana performs the synchronization at every opening of the program regardless of the option selected in rescan network folders at each start (enabling or disabling nothing changes)

Hello @Teddy_k, Do you only have your music stored in your portable drive? If you have other thing that could be use by your pc like auto backup this would cause Audirvana to detect activity in it and scan it again.

Have you also stored your Audirvana database in it?

Hello @Damien3,
the only hard disk that contains audio material is an external usb3 disk. the audirvana database is in the mac hard disk of the mac.
there are no active backup software and the mac time machine is deactivated …

So you just have your music stored in it and it is located in the path you mention in Audirvana?

Yes exactly Damien, all my music is stored in the external usb3 hd, the path is \Volumes\Western_Blu\la MuSIca

@Damien3 you just triggered a thought that could explain many of my issues.
Since i store my music files in a dedicated folder of a NAS, and this NAS has 2 hard drives in mirroring mode (RAID1), could this be seen by A as a “moving target”? meaning, everytime one disc mirrors its brother disc, A sees that as a change?
I suffer the now classic “duplicates” problem, that many other users face too.

I also have a problem with the Recently Added smart playlist: it shows tracks that i have played recently, but added years ago … it seems to confuse “added” and played" … for some reason …

Bonjour Damien,

Je suis sur la 3.5.29 actuellement et cela me fait toujours la même chose.

Au lancement, même si je n’ai absolument rien touché depuis la veille, la synchro redémarre…

Comme précédemment dit, ce n’est pas bien grave, mais pour lancer la 1ère piste cela prend parfois un peu de temps car j’ai la roue arc-en-ciel qui tourne un moment.

Je n’avais jamais eu ce comportement avant, si vous pouviez y jeter un oeil ce serait “much appreciated”


J’ai trouvé la source de ce comportement,

Comme ma bibliothèque grossit régulièrement, mon HDD externe met de plus en plus de temps à monter.

Hors si je lance Audirvana avant que le HDD soit totalement monté, la synchro démarre (logique).

Voilà ! si ça peut servir à d’autres dans le futur, attendez que votre HDD soit totalement monté avant de lancer Audirvana !

Pour le reste, c’est que du bonheur :green_heart:

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Hello @Damien3,

I’m had same case as @Teddy_k, every time when I start the Audirvana 3.5.29 (3559)
in my iMac with 10.15.3 it sync all music again but after the first time sync all music will lost, I’m need to re-mount the external HDD ( Drobo 5C ) in monitored folder, any way to solve this problem? Thanks.

Recently I started to have this problem as well. There seems to be a significant scan on every start up without any new files being added. All the album art flashes on and off intermittently. After 10-20 seconds everything is normal again.

I have “rescan network folders at each start” set to the off position.

The folders are displaying “auto”.

MacOS 10.15.4, Audirvana 3.5.33

I have the same issue with MacOS 10.15.5 and Audirvana 3.5.38
It scans everything at each restart (Rescan network folders at each restart option not activated).
This happened once I recreated the database following the trouble I had with duplicate files.
During the scan the memory is getting out of control with Audirvana most of the time in not Responding mode.
I am still waiting for an explanation from the support. I am wondering if this is a general issue or an issue in my system in particular. Monitored folders are Thunderbolt disks and NAS Network folder.

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The same with me. I really hate that behavior, every start up rescan what not has been changed. At least we should have free choice of rescanning, not the automatic thing. It is a pity that a program that is so wonderful in other aspects, sound, design, possibilities, has this manco, sorry, I see it as a failure.
Please do something About it and let the knob ‘disable rescanning’ do its work properly.

I am still waiting for Audirvana support team to come back to me regarding this issue specifically, I am really wondering why. The more we are to report this issue to them the more they might find the need to come back with a solution.
In the meantime either reduce dramatically your database or find another solution somewhere else, which is a pity as you wrote.

Having same issue here for long time now. Double entries pop up when Audirvana is busy syncing and one decides to start playing a track. Double items guarenteed in that situation. What makes it a real nag, is the fact that Audirvana always syncs at startup. Like I read in this the thread also, I agree with the assumption that the always sync issue is related to using a NAS with mirrored drives. The iTunes cause is mentioned by Damien is definitely not the case here, since I am not using iTunes and also depending on Flac only.

Fact of the matter is, that these two issues combined produce a rather annoying situation.

An acceptable workaroung would be, if it was possible to disable auto syncing on folders, unfortunately, this is also not possible.

All together this results in a situation where after starting Audirvana one is obliged to wait approx 15 minutes (pretty large folders) before Audirvana can be used for playback without screwing up the database.

Using Audirvana for Mac by the way, version current.

Would be highly appreciated when this issue would be addressed. Is really the only thing preventing the software from being perfect :slight_smile:

I think the issue is not related to using a NAS with mirrored drives (I have this issue without having NAS with mirrored drives).
It seems to be linked to the size of the database and happened when I recreated the database following the duplicate files. This is why I guess not many people have this sync issue as they have not recreated the database.
I am using Mac, latest version too. Check the memory used by Audirvana and you will notice some huge numbers.
I am still waiting from Audirvana support to come back with an explanation/acknowledgement of the issue and obviously with a solution at some point.
I stopped using Audirvana for the moment.