Audirvana and Fidelizer

Hi all,

does anyone have experience with Audirvana and Fidelizer? The Fidelizer website announces an update for working with Audirvana. I downloaded and ran it, and both HRA and TIDAL were no longer playing. HRA stayed blank, in TIDAL no audio device was connected. Does this sound familiar? I installed the free consumer version, I can see it in Task Manager, so it is active, but there is no application interface whatsoever. I don’t have a clou how to uninstall it? Is there anyone with better experiences?


Hello @Rien,

Have you tried to contact Fidelizer about it? They may have a workaround about the issue you encountered.

Hello Damien,

thak you for your reply! Yes, I did contact them, there are a number of peculiarities, I have to start Audirvana as an administrator in a hidden directory. But then it does work, although the effect is limited (mainly cleaner high frequencies) in the free version. But I confide in the enthusiastic reactions from others, and can believe that more improvement will be heard in the pro version. I will let you know!