Audirvana Beta 2 observations

MacOS 10.14.6 - Audirvana Studio 1.99.17 (19917) - Audirvana Beta 2 observations

I just write about the local usage, because I don’t use streaming.

First impression
After defining in the prefs, what should be shown on startup, A shows now what I chose. On the left side you can define now the order of categories. Very nice!
The German translation (Bestellung anzeigen) is wrong: better would be “Kategorien anzeigen”
Would it be possible to be able to deselect certain categories?

The window for the playlists is now all black. As many users already commented: It ruins the nice layout of A, when its floating over the main window. 2nd disadvantage already mentioned: changing from the playlist window to the main window needs 2 clicks. 1st click activates the main window, 2nd click does, what I want. The implementation in A 3.5 with the playlists in a scrollable sidebar was better.

Nice, that an alphabet is implemented on the right side.
In list view it seems not to work yet: A doesn’t jump to the selected letter.

The problem described here is now corrected. Thank you.

The problem described here is now solved. Thank you.

Existing topics since version 1

Bread crumbs: see my post

The dropdown list for the search criteria is sorted alphabetically now. Thank you.
Changing for example from album to genre in the 1st column removes the value in the 3rd column. This is very unpractical: please leave the value in the 3rd column and recompute the search with the changed term of the 1st column.
2nd button on top German version: On mouse over the correct text is shown „Mindestens eine Regel muss gelten“. Clicking it shows a wrong text: „Jedes Kriterium ist wahr“

Album view
Little mistake: If the artists name contains a period, A doesn’t show the full name.

  • Artists and composers are mixed under “Artists” in the sidebar. Please consider to add the category “Composers” and separate them.
    The problem is nicely solved in the search results. Looking for Lou Reed I find under the composer the following:

    To make it more clear, the 2nd section should have the title: Local albums as artist

  • In search view clicking on “Show all” tracks, they are shown correctly. “Play” and “Shuffle” buttons do not exist to play all results. Please add these.

  • In the search view there exists a category “Local”. I can’t understand what’s the idea behind it. Searching vor “lou” shows the following:

  • Clicking on the “Play” button on top of a list, doesn’t remove the shuffle function, when shuffle is activated, but should do that.

  • Cmd L: Should show the played track. It works now as long as you are in the view of the whole library or in the playlist the replayed track belongs to. If you are in an other playlist than the replayed track belongs to, it still doesn’t work.

  • The backward / forward button on top in the menu: If you choose something of your search results and then want to go back to the search results, a black screen is shown. Example Mozart, show all composers is correctly displayed, hitting the back button shows:

    “mozart” is still shown in the search field, but it is not possible to search for it again unless you change “mozart”. This is not intuitive.

  • The "Play"and “Shuffle” buttons in playlist view should be in the top banner or fixed below the top banner, so we can always reach them and don’t have to scroll up.

  • Cmd-A to choose all albums or choosing some / all albums with draging the mouse with held left mouse button over albums is not possible.

  • To make the work in AO easier, it would be helpfull, if the shortcut ESC would be asigned to all “Cancel” commands, ENTER to all “OK” commands and Cmd-W for the closing of windows.

  • If you have many albums of an artist, you have to choose at first “Show all” to see all of them. Why not show all of them? This would save 1 click.

  • Little translation correction for the german version in the info panel: “Album art” is better translated with “Cover” than with “Kunstwerk” (even if this is the English expression, we understand it :wink:)

Everything posted here is still existing:

Final thought
There are many good things implemented, and new things are added in Version 2. That’s nice.

As a longtime user of Audirvana I have to say, that certain problems persist over a very long time. Although the community is really helpfull in describing things, that do not work, they are often not corrected for a long time. The outstanding sound is not comparable to the many details in the UI, that don’t work.
In my understanding of versions for apps, a new version adds important new features, where as in the old version more or less all bugs are corrected.
Uncluttered sound & uncluttered UI = pure joy.

i don’t use the black mode, but the white is the same… less good.

i agree, but if the colours match one over the other, i can live with it :wink:

Yes, why!!
small screen should scroll if you have bigger screen all must be seen by default…
i think Damien is working on a laptop :slight_smile:

i agree about layout… all the rest for me works great all the time…

strange layout decision made for no real good reason don’t change…
or not test enough before made or asked… like the ‘show all albums’…
Why that exist in the first place… making slow refresh faster… small screen dev software??

all layout should stretch by default to screen people have,
not the one 13’’ screen laptop maybe Dev is working on??

If i can add something here, maybe that can be use also on the desktop app, is the ‘cache’.
the Remote don’t use cache… don’t tell me it use cache, not true!! use some data on my Cell !!

You click your artist… you see all the picture of them… try to go to Z letter in 2 seconds… scroll, scroll, load, scroll, load, scroll…

then, you think if you close the app, and return it will be instant, nothing change, no new artist were added… load, scroll, load, scroll… Arf!! remote v2… pay someone how to program! copy the JRemote layout :slight_smile:

MacMini with no screen and just using the remote is a pain… loading albums is impossible to scroll even if you took care of seeing all your album covers on your phone and then thinking remote as remember them and will just reload to see if new one was adding not touching the 4000 albums remote as just seen… no… Alzheimer remote :slight_smile:

By far for me, the Remote needs the biggest update… v3.5 was the minimum needed… now we are back in time from that version… v2 remote of Studio or origin should be better then v3.5… by far!

I have given up on remotes because those poor people have to keep up with the relentless march of iOS. Almost but not as bad is macOS, so I now use a remote controller for my Mac called Real VNC:

No association with the company myself, just a FREE user of the viewer. Once set up (you have to set up an account w/ password, then set up your machine that is being remotely viewed with a password, it’s easy: Open the VNC viewer on your Mac laptop or iPad, passwords are remembered by your device so it’s only the first time, and you are in control as if you’re operating your machine (basically the definition of headless). Now you can use Audirvana or iTunes or whatever.

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I use it myself on my 2 macs, mac mini for music and iMac for real works and screen sharing for controlling that macmini also,
but it is not like a real remote for just you want to do with your music :grinning:


Color is one thing. 2 more problems exist:

  1. On little screens (14") it’s not possible to reduce the width of the floating window to the width of the sidebar.

  2. If I don’t show Hi-Res, MQA … the length of the floating window is OK. But if I show them all, the length is so short, that scrolling the list of my playlists becomes wearing.

@Antoine: Please consider to go back to the sidebar of A 3.5.

Yes, caching is either very slow or not existing. Smooth scrolling is not possible.