Audirvana _Cannot detect like Full MQA decoder in Khadas tone pro 2 using ASIO Driver

Hi, your support to find the cause, due the the audirvana cannot detect the DAC like a full MQA decoder with Khadas tone 2 DAC. Important to mention the problem is only when I used ASIO driver. When I used WASAPI driver Audirvan coul detect the Khadas Tone Pro 2 DAC like full MQA decoder.

When I used ASIO Audirvana couldn`t detect the DAC full MQA decoder however the DAC display color is detecting the full MQA decoder function. In that sense may colud be a bug in the audirvana screen.

I´m attaching a

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It’s not that unusual, with some DACs the detection doesn’t work well. That’s why you have the option to override it.

This whole thing confused me too but what I have learned (and I hope I’m right!) is that when you configure the DAC as a full decoder per your first image, Audirvana will do nothing to the data stream because it must be presented unaltered to the decoder. You are seeing 32 bits because the computer to DAC interface is at that width. Only 24 bits are in use however. The 48KHz is the music file’s original sample rate. The DAC will then do ALL the unfolding/decoding to generate a sample rate as shown by the DAC’s own display colour and as shown on the left in Audirvana.

Thanks I get it. But the strange thing is what I used Wasapi, audirvana can detect the dac like full MQA decoder and there are any problem. This issuw is happens only when I use ASIO

Probably a driver issue.

Hello @Mauricio_Montalvo,

MQA do not have auto detection possible for ASIO driver, it’s not a driver bug, it’s just it doesn’t exist. You then need to change the MQA setting manually to MQA decoder.