Audirvana crash when switching between songs with different bitrates and more

I’ve been using Audirvana for a while, and switched to kernel mode yesterday.
There is a really huge improvement in sound, which I would like like to keep.
For me, using kernel mode comes with a set of problems however.

In general, Audirvana keeps playing my audiofiles when the bitrate stays the same.
Every now and then, Audirvana crashes when a number is paused.
When switching to a higer/lower bitrate, Audirvana crashes almost every time.
Sometimes Audirvana also just crashes at the end of an album.
And last, but also least, regularly there’s a short sound between the music numbers.

Audirvana Origin: 2.5.13
OS: Windows 10

Hi @Rutger84,

Do you have a file named audirvana_origin.dmp file on your desktop? If so, can you send it at so we can take a look at it?

Luckily, I have gotten a dmp file once.
I’ll send it right away!