Audirvana does not start

System: Dell latitude d830, core2duo, 4 gb, win10 64 Bit
Issue: after downloading test version (setup file), setup executed, but failed with well known error, „file was changed since“ …

Had aloof in the forum and tried both - deactivate this uac setting, but no effort. Then directly entered the link which was recommended.

Then the installation worked and win 10 has Audirvana as new program and thermische an icon on my desktop.

When i want to start Audirvana the sandclock Or this turning circle appears twice for about 5-10 seconds but nothing happens. In my task manager I can see a process which is opened when trying to start Audirvana, but after 5-10 seconds the proscenium closes.

Can somebody help ?

Note: I also wonder as the desktop icon is called Audirvana plus … Is this the correct version .?

Thanks for your help and time.