Audirvana doesn't update when "Album Artist" is updated?

Testing Audirvana currently and I am very happy with the sound improvements over my current application so I think I will buy it.

I have found one weired behaviour/bug though?

I have several “Various Artist” albums all rip:ed to Flac where “Album Artist” field seem to be empty and Compilation is set to Yes. Audirvana sorts these albums first Albums view so I tried to update Album Artist to “Various Artists” so it would sort under “Various Artists” instead.

Unafortunately Audirvana doesn’t seem to detect this change and update Albums View? Is this a bug? Do I need to remove the database and create a new one?

As you can se below several Various Artist albums are sorted first. I have updated “The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume One” has an update Album Artist tag with “Various Artists”.

Albums already with an Album Artist tag set to “Various Artists” is sorted correctly

Tags set for “The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume One”, still sorts wrong

Tag for “The Minimal Wave Tapes Volume Two” have not been updated and is sorting wrong ofc.

Hello @spda242,

Can you open one of those album and open the metadata panel? Do you see the Album as Various Artist?

I looks like I can only see that field if the album had that tag then first imported?

This is an album which had “Various Artists” when I added it

This is the album in the previous example, It has no such tag even after set the field to “Various Artists”.

Strange indeed.

You need to open the album and not select a track in it to be able to change this metadata.

Thank you @Damien3, that solved it! Didn’t understand that I could change data for an album as well as a song.
When import the bulk of my CD (Flac) collection fixing any other VA albums will be very easy.