Audirvana duplicate album

I’m far from a fan of this S/W package but I paid so will try and bend it to my will.

The data offered to my iMac and remote to iPhone/iPad has many flaws. Form a single data file the presentation when using Audirvana has many albums duplicated some 3 or 4 times, not including the many albums with tracks duplicated.

I looked at some similar questions but need answers in single syllable non tech words.

Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.42 (3572) macOS 10.15.7

The first step is to very carefully check the metadata in the files.

Yes, it has to do with the metadata from the track files, that should be equal to some extend. I’m already asking help via Audirvana mail support, since I could not find a proper answer, although it is clear that the same issue has been encountered by many users. Until now I got 1 answer: metadata of Album and Artists must be equal, but when I look at the 2 occurrences of an album, I see that the Album name is equal for both, but the Artists within 1 occurrence are not, and some other is equal to one in the other occurrence. If someone has a good suggestion here: please tell.

The duplicate issue has been around for years and remains unfixed. The developer will ask for your database files so his “team” can examine them, then that’s the last you hear. His position is that the code can’t be broken because he wrote it himself, therefore it is a user issue. The usual answer in the forum is it’s your fault for not redoing all your metadata within Audirvana, even if it works fine in other apps.

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I understand now about the Meta data, although finding differences can be VERY difficult, in fact I find the whole editing thing is flawed IMO. What happened to the Artist edit we used to have?
Audirvana’s artist file uses every instance of an artist from the metadata so single tracks say with a guest on an album makes a new artist which may never exist again. It makes it so easy pick the wrong artist when editting if you can get it to edit in the first place.

Have a look at third party meta tag editors. There are plenty of options available, ranging from free to paid software.

Have a look at Picard from MusicBrainz:

It makes bulk editing much easier. In addition it can retrieve the missing metadata. There are also other good options. Research a bit.

Thanks I’ll look into those I seem to have some time to spare. :slight_smile: