Audirvana duplicates, triples (and sometimes quadruples) the tracks of some albums, and not always the same albums, here some examples (QOBUZ-WINDOWS 10)

Hi stefano_mbp,

Thank you for jumping in on this topic. I have always let the Audirvana synchronization cycle complete and I have used iTunes to delete or add tracks and Playlists which I have effectively brought over to Audirvana via the synch. I did not notice this duplication earlier because I am a playlist user, however, I did note when I added a new purchased song it appeared twice in the Newly Added Song folder in Audirvana which I had mistaken as a Cloud version (which I also would prefer not to see).

My library is not as big as yours, but, I do have have close to 5000 songs and my experience with the way iTunes handles meta data just seems more intuitive and less problematic. I really wish I can do another synchronization and have this duplicate and triplicate issue just “exit stage right” and fix itself.

Again, I appreciate the feedback, anything reasonable would help, however, at the end of the day, this issue is bad and a little hideous, I am sure we both have better things to discuss on a weekend besides the handling of meta data that the application should get right from job one, really!

In short, if Auudirvana did not sound so damn good I would definitely start thinking about alternatives. Again, folks having issues since 2017 really underscores my concern and irritation on this very basic, essential matter.


T. Rivera

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Hi, thank you for your contribution to the discussion.
Have you tried to check if the problem was the same as it presented to me? That is: when I used (or now use) directly the button in the center of the album cover (among the other album covers in the list) to start playback, the multiplication of the tracks takes place (almost always).
Alternatively, if I click on the cover, but NOT on the start playback icon, then a new page opens , with all the tracks correctly numbered (without any repetition) and from there, from a track, you start playback.
I have tried it many times now and it always works. I’d be glad to know if it works with your setup too.
And waiting for the strange bug to be fixed could very easily save you the hassle.
See you soon

Hi everyone,
I have verified that the activation of the music reproduction starting from the central button that appears on the cover of the disc, can not only multiply the music tracks but also reduce their number. In the case shown in these screenshots 16 actual songs are reduced to only 2!
I therefore believe it is urgent, if it is not possible to eliminate the bug, at least prevent it from occurring randomly by suppressing the direct play button on the cover.

Hi, thank you for jumping into this discussion as well.

What you described is not what I am experiencing. My entire music inventory is in triplicate form and I did not go to the center button on the album cover . I am thinking about blowing away my library and re-synching. I am wondering if this will address my issue? I have not pulled the trigger yet.


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Hi! I’m sorry I thought I had found an interim solution but I see that it is not so. I think you can try to delete and recreate the library (as suggested by Damien): it didn’t help but I think there is no risk of further malfunctions.