Audirvana freezes after I paid subscription

I just paid for my subscription after using the trial version for a month less a day. Now, a few minutes after I paid, the program opens but then instantly freezes with no images for albums/artists (just the blue version with names but no images). After, closing it, it won’t open up again.

Managed to clear the problem…just before it froze, I hit the settings button and tried ‘sync’. That seemed to fix it.

Hello @rafs,

Are you using a NAS or your files are stored in your commuter?

Files are stored on an external usb drive plugged into this computer.

And, I’m still having the problem…the program doesn’t want to open with a single click, and when it opens (using maybe right-click instead), it freezes after a few seconds and loses the album/artist images on the open page. The only way to avoid it is to quickly click on ‘settings’ before it freezes and then I can go from there to ‘library’ with no problem.

UPDATE: This happens on two different computers, each with its own external drive for files: page freezes, album images are lost, can’t even close the page with ‘X’ top right corner (have to go down to taskbar and right-click to close). The page looks like it might look if the program is syncing: blue lines in place of album covers or artist images. I am not syncing, though, everything is up to date.

UPDATE 2: And it takes several clicks to get the program open from the taskbar. Just restarted the computer; the program opened first click this time, but then froze after 4-5 seconds in the very same way. All this started right after I paid and registered a few days ago.

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