Audirvāna hangs streaming to renderer

The player has hung up five times, over the course of the past hour, @Damien and @Antoine.

All of this has been occurring when listening to lossless, CD-quality music, with no upsampling of any sort.

Is this how the software was designed to work? I’m running the most recent version of MacOS, and I’m playing files that are not large or complex, with a solid, high-speed internet connection.

It just happened again, while I typed this. I got through one song. The player is hung up again. This is beyond madness and beyond frustrating, especially since I am now shouting into the usual Åûdīrväńã Sùppōrt Vøîd.

If you neither care to properly beta test your own software, nor to deign to respond those interested in paying to do it for you, what, one has to wonder, do you hope will be the outcome?

The player is hung up, once again, @Antoine and @Damien. I made it through two more tracks, since the last freeze, which occurred after one track.

Would either of you pay for this experience?

The player just hung up again, three tracks later, @Damien and @Antoine.

…and again, two tracks later, @antoine and @Damien.

Would either of you pay your money for this experience? How would you feel about a software that engendered it?

…and again, one track later, @Damien and @Antoine.

…and again, @Damien and @Antoine.

You should be paying users for this nonsense. Give me a break. Give us all a break.

…and again, @Antoine and @Damien.

At this point, I’m telling the player to play the next track each and every time a track ends.

What do your beta testers get paid?

I have no problem with Audirvana which is similar to what you describe here. Apparently there is a problem and it will not go away on its own. I don’t think repeating tests will yield anything except frustration


Sure thing, @Jacob. The version that was abandoned three years ago will still work fine for me, so I doubt I’ll be a paying, real-time-beta-testing user anytime soon.

I’m just letting the crack team behind this crashing disaster know how well their product is working for me, and they can’t be bothered to respond. None of this goes too far toward selling their product, does it, @Damien and @Antoine?

How would anyone here respond to a review of a music player software that essentially read, “Sounds great, but doesn’t reliably or easily play music”? Honestly, these people should be ashamed to ask for anyone’s money for this grift.

It just froze again, @Damien and @Antoine.

Just waiting to hear something, anything, from support.

Thanks so much!

…and again, @Antoine and @Damien! The most tracks I’ve listened through tonight has been three. Everything I’ve played has been CD-quality, with no upsampling.

Thanks for not caring!

I think your point is clear. There are users for whom Audirvana is not the right solution. It doesn’t work for you. For some others it won’t work either. It works fine for other users.

No one is obliged to buy Audirvana, it is a free choice. You could also just listen to music with the old version or other software. Enjoy the Music.


@Jacob, a functional version of the current software, and/ or functional tech support would go a long way. I recognize, as we all must, that, no matter how well the three-year-old version works for me now, it won’t forever.

It would be nice if I could get some simple answers from people like @Damien and @Antoine, to determine whether the current train wreck will be cleaned up, or if it will just continue to deteriorate and look pretty.

Regardless, the admonishments don’t help, and, quite frankly, it’s none of anyone’s business, except those who make the product and my own.

They choose to ignore me, so I’m sure other forum users can do the same. As I’ve previously pointed out, if the so-called “support” email address actually worked/ yielded responses, I would use it. So far, this forum has worked moderately better.

A designer and/ or tech support that actually cared to respond to users’ concerns and issues, especially after asking them to take time to provide troubleshooting materials, would also go a long way, @Damien and @Antoine.


Hello @GaseousClay,

Can you please stop the spam? I’m really aware of your case and I can tell you that we are handling it. It seems that you are really in a hurry to fix this issue but you must understand IT TAKES TIME. You keep saying over and over that support is not capable of handling problems but it seems that you have not been active on the forum since 7 months. I don’t know if you took a look at the forum during this time period but keep in mind that support is well handled and we are taking care of the issue of users.

One last thing, you need to know that we need to constantly prioritize things over others. We would like to do everything faster but we can’t, we are not 30 people here and we can’t instantly giving you an answer on any of your request (plus I need to sleep you know :wink: ).

Thanks for the response, @Antoine!

How long did it take to type that out?

It’s also hardly spam, if the concerns being brought are legitimate, and I haven’t received a response to any of them. Each message I have sent addresses an actual instance of an actual issue that I am experiencing. That is not spam. I am simply sharing with you how frequently these things occur. It makes using your software and listening to my music a waking nightmare.

Even your response to me lacked any substance whatsoever, regarding any of the issues I’ve brought to you.

Thanks for letting me know you’re still on the other end here, @Antoine.

It is spam. I didn’t have much problems with Audirvana and from several months the software works very well for me. I still have few problems (few radio stations have slutterings, some files, for example low bitrate mp3’s are cutted) but in general I’m satisfied. And I know what I say, I use AS daily or almost daily. But if you aren’t doesn’t help what you do. Wait until the end of your trial and if still nothing is changed do not subscribe - very simple. You also can come back later (you can take a one month subscription after few months). Whatever player decide to use enjoy the music and be happy - life is too short and precious!


Thanks for the scolding, @Jim_F. I hope it makes you feel better or helps you in some way.

As I’ve indicated in my above posts, my setup bears little resemblance to yours, so I’m not sure how enumerating its components is supposed to help me, in my situation, with my setup, in my use case. Again, though, I hope it provides you with some consolation.

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Also, I’m not sure why other users feel the need to come onto forums like this, when a fellow user posts about legitimate issues they are experiencing, and essentially say, “Well, it works fine for me!”

Who on earth does that help, and who is it for? Is it to somehow claim a scepter of technological prowess, to make oneself feel superior to the original poster, who must clearly be an idiot?

I’m so happy the software works fine for others. More power to all of you. Your setups are likely different, and in some cases, perhaps you are more technologically literate than I. It clearly does not negate or solve my problems, many of which span six years of using this software, since I watched it go from a solid, efficient, superior-quality app to something that completely threw out the baby with the bath water (with version 3.5) and abandoned everything that both worked and didn’t work about every prior version, in favor of a version with a horrendously clunky interface that barely worked for anyone. Since then, I’ve been shouting into a void, about the things that don’t work, receiving zero responses and no help from the engineer(s) behind it, until @Antoine actually reached out to help.

I’m sorry, but the support/ responsiveness track record has not been great, nor has the functionality track record or the bug fix track record. These are facts, and I know I am not the only user who experienced them.

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