AUDIRVANA & IFI ZEN DAC with imac pro

Hi to everyone,
Recently I bought the Ifi zen dac which I connected with my macbook pro.I download Audirvana and I tried to play MQA songs from Tidal.Even though it seems that Tidal delivers 24/192khz at the bottom left screen of Audirvana the final sound delivered at the bottom right side is 24/96khz.Am I missing something to Audirvana settings.Please help.

Set the MQA settings manually to “MQA decoder”. You can also disable the MQA auto detection.

Thanks a lot for your help.I will try your advice

The Zen dac is just an MQA renderer, not a full decoder

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Sorry, my bad. Didn’t check.

I think that I have already selct the option of MQA decoder and still didn’t deliver 192khz but I will try again.

have you tried in wasapi mode?