Audirvana integration feature request

I have an idea for a feature for Audirvana’s new versions. Could you add a feature that allows Audirvana to be used as a front end for a software app called HQPlayer made by

Roon can use HQPlayer to upscale and filter Tidal in its Room front end software.

HQPlayer has lot’s and lot’s of custom filters ranging from things like FFT filters to FIR filter to Gaussian of all different varieties and can upscale any format of sound and even supports DSD like Audirvana but it’s more advanced.

Let me know if there’s any chance you can add a feature to Audirvana some day that has a setting that allows integration of HQplayer into Audirvana as an option for those who it.

I use HQPlayer Embedded with Audrivana Studio

Neat! How can you do it? Can you give detailed instructions? I would love to find out how to use it but I’m not experienced with configuring networking.

Do you have HQPlayer desktop or embedded licences ?

Ohhh I see. I own HQplayer desktop but I can get the embedded demo if there is one and then buy it and I do own Audirvana Origin already. Maybe there’s a discount on HQplayer Embedded for Desktop owners. Can you give me detailed information on integrating embedded with Origin? i’m on mac not Linux if that matters.

I’m not the best guy to give instructions.I got all the info from Audiophile style forum.

Ok that can work. I will search for an audiophile forum after I contact HQplayers contact. Does embedded work on macOS Ventura? That’s the main question now.

Cant answer that.I run HQPlayer on Ubuntu Server Jammy.

I see ok. I’ll lookup more answers on audiophile forums and HQplayer support. Thanks for your help.

Jussi who devolped HQPlayer is always on the forum I told you about.There are lots of knowledgeable people on there.

Ok excellent thanks.

There is hqplayer embedded os.This is the easiestway.You download to a usb stick and use this as your boot device.