Audirvana is great, internet radio bugs are fixed, but I’ve no idea how…

Hey all,

I’ve mentioned a few times, as have others, that there’s been a bug that means I have to restart the AS app to play internet radio.

Well the issue now appears to be fixed, it’s worked consistently/reliably these past few days, which is amazing.

But there hasn’t been an AS update for a few weeks, does anybody know if there are minor fixes taking place in the background or something?

Thanks, Carl

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The radio stations come from an external party through an API. The problem was a jason error message. It may also be that the third party has solved it.

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If you use a PC, there were two minor fixes for you. One fixes the 2 GB bug, and I forgot what was doing the other.
I have no idea where is the download link.

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Wait for the official releases, those are coming soon.

The other one related to sending MQA rendering info to the DAC.

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Hello @Carl_Stone ,

There are update we are doing on our back office we don’t publish here. We made a change last week for radio/podcast and this is probably why you don’t have your issue anymore.


Brilliant thanks Damien, it’s working absolutely reliably now, fantastic!

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