Audirvana keeps crashing

I have owned several versions of Audirvana Plus, including 1.5.12, which I have kept for occasionally converting DSD files to AIFF files. For listening, I use version 3.5.25.

For the last two days, version 3.5.25 has crashed every time I attempted to open it. About an hour ago, I deleted every version of Audirvana, except version 1.5.12, from my Mac mini and then downloaded the latest version from Audirvana’s webpage. The newly downloaded software accepted my license key. However, Audirvana still crashes.

I was able to get version 1.5.12 to open in the sense that I can see the Audirvana “music player” icon and can load music files outside of iTunes, but the window display on this music player has the following message, “initializing audio device.” Version 1.5.12 of Audirvana will not play music files on my Mac.

Any suggestions for resolving this problem will be appreciated. Thank you.

In your home folder, go to library and preferences there and trash the 2 audirvana pref and restart