Audirvana Legacy keeps syncing with my music folder

Hello there. I am using Audirvana Legacy on a Windows 10 PC. When I use it it keeps syncing to check if I have added any new music. I have switched off updating in settings but it still keeps syncing while I use it. I have a feeling I might have to reinstall Audirvana Legacy. Any thoughts folks?

Hi there @PeterD

I’m using Origin and sometimes when I add an album it is automatically and immediately added to my Recent tab. Other times it has to be manually synced. There is no known explanation I can find.

I like to think it’s the vagaries of this mortal life we live.


Normally I would not mind it’s just that it interferes with using the software. Like choosing another song or album! Oh the humanity…

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It can happen that Audirvana ‘thinks’ it is not ready syncing because of errors in the scanning process. In that case it keeps trying to scan again and again.

You can look in Audirvana’s log file for errors with scanning the library. Also look in your music library for *.cue files (and try to remove them) because they seem to be a culprit for errors as well.

I don’t know if this will solve your specific problem, but in my case it did (some cue files with errors in them caused it).

Here you can see how to start (and where to find) a log session/file. This is a screenshot from Audirvana Origin:

Thank you!