Audirvana new Logo

I love Original Audirvana logo but now unfortunately is changing to very plain looking simple one !

I don’t know brother what is wrong with beautiful Original Logo !

New one look like nothing in my opinion !

What do you think ?

We, French people, will be able to write correctly “Audirvàna”, because we have an accented “à” on our keyboards.
People will have a hard time with their QWERTY keyboards. I guess Damien did not think about it.

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I’m in the U.S, and can do it on my iPad. (Theoretically, I could do it if I remembered the character codes for my Windows 10 PC. Like that’s ever going too happen.)

Actually this isn’t à but ā, and I can’t find a way to type it on my macos keyboard (but a long press on the “a” key shows it).
Anyway, it looks like toothpaste to me, but I really don’t mind :stuck_out_tongue:

Even with a French keyboard, it’s a nightmare on PC to get all the accentuated French characters. It’s a combination of keystrokes that are difficult to remember… On Mac, we just have dedicated keys for them.

I hope for Damien that Apple won’t get upset about the new logo. They sued a company for something similar.

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Yes. Original logo was very beautiful: musical, elegant, classical. I must disclose my bias to original… those who know me know why. New logo contemporary, sleek, distinguished. Only the future will tell if it keeps its “style”.

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