Audirvana not showing tracks in the result of a search of an artist

I’m trying Audirvana with the free trial and I wonder why I can’t see the field “tracks” why I research an artist.

As you can see on the screenshot, I have written “imagine dragons”, but I don’t see all the tracks from this group.
I was using Musicbee which showed all the music of the artist wanted

Can you help me to see the tracks when I do a research
Thank you

Hi @Slifer

I believe you have to click on “tout voir” and all the search results will be shown.



Thank you for your answer, but I have already tried and it doesn’t work. It shows me only a few albums and not all the tracks from the artist.

I have tried with another artist and search. This time it shows the field “tracks” (“pistes”), but Audirvana only find 4 tracks when I have dozens of them

As you can see Musicbee finds all the tracks from Lane 8 when Audirvana shows only 4 of them

I specify that the musics are correctly added in the library and that if I search them one by one with the whole name, Audirvana finds them

Hi @Slifer

Just experimenting and I find quite odd results from my searches.

All my albums are metadata curated carefully with Album artist, composer, genre… etc. and search results are erratic.

A search on Beethoven gives me 58 Beethoven albums and just 60 tracks.

When I add up all album tracks from album view I get 159 tracks from first two of my albums.

I’ve noticed this in past and ignored it because all my need is to search album 99.9999% of my time.

So. Short answer: I do not know what is going on!



I may be wrong, but at least it’s the case on my side, when you search for a given word, only tracks containing that word in the title are found.
In other words, searching for 'beethoven" will not provide you with all tracks from that composer, but only those that contains “Beethoven” in the title.
This is what you see in your case with “Lane 8”.

Hi @patifr

I don’t understand why this happens.

“Beethoven”, in my opinion, should show ant Beethoven reference. That’s the point of search and index.

The search engine here in Audirvana must have some restrictions in order to limit the output.

I would like to be abke to adjust those criteria.



Hi @Slifer,

It’s the way the search algorithm have been made. When you search an artist, search result could display tracks result that are close to the artist but not the artist itself.
You then need to click on the artist to see all of the tracks you have from him.

However if you search for a specific track name, it will be displayed in the search results.

Hi @Antoine

I’m searching for Beethoven. Why does that not show me every Beethoven reference?



Possibly because the search engine doesn’t search all metadata?

Am I crazy? Is that not the point of search. And if you are right, what metadata field is the search engine looking at? Knowing that I can adjust my metadata editing.

I have no idea, search is a function I rarely use… But my searches show up all references to the searched name, again though, my filing is very simple, which is why I suggested that if you have a lot of metadata, that maybe some isn’t included…

Does it shows you all of the albums where Beethoven is in?

Yes. As far as I can tell. But the tracks “See All” gives me only 60 tracks… Clearly not all the tracks on the 58 albums.


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Do the tracks not shown have Beethoven in the metadata (artist, album artist, performer or composer etc.)? Or not at all?
I am asking because it could be that Audirvana only searches in certain specific metadata fields (artist, title etc.) and not others (ie composer). This is, of course, just a guess but could be a plausible explanation.

Maybe you could compare the metadata from a found track with the metadata of a not found track and see where Beethoven is in both?

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Hi Andy.

As a test, I added Composer metadata to one track:

It would appear that Audirvana does actually also search the composer metadata:


Good to know. Maybe it is another field (I was just guessing in my previous post). The only way to find out is comparing metadata fields in found tracks with those in not found tracks. Because there must be a logical explanation for this.


My Deer @AndyLubke

If you are looking for logic…!

Metadata has Beethoven in (1) composer and (2)title and (3) sort title.

Every track has Beethoven as composer.

I’d love to apply logic but it seems illogical so far.

As I’ve said, it’s not an administrative problem as I nearly wants play an album. But it’s curious.




It makes me curious as well :wink: :smile:

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Thank you for your answer, but on my first example with imagine dragons, Audirvana doesn’t even display a single song in the search when I have 31 files of this band… For Lane 8 it displays 4 while I have more than sixty songs. It looks like everything is random. Why some tracks are displayed and others not at all? Why does Audirvana shows remixes and not the sounds closest to the artist as you say?
I mean it’s not even useful to add a “tracks” field for the search, if the software can only shows 4 tracks out of a total of 60

It’s frustrating that you can’t choose how the search works on a software of this price where a free software like musicbee allows it…
Roon has the same problem, it is impossible for me to display all the music I own of an artist when I type his name in the search.

Hmmm… same thing, just searched Joe Satriani, can find all the albums, but when I click on TRACKS heading ‘see all’ I only get one!