Audirvana not showing tracks in the result of a search of an artist

That’s exactly it! Why only one track ? And why this one in particular? It’s a real mystery

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You can select tracks, in the menu under library, then set filter for desired artist. That works.

I tried that, but as you can see on the screenshot, for the same artist, for example “the chainsmokers” there are more than twenty results. This is because in the metadata of my tracks it is sometimes written “the chainsmokers” + other artists

It is not convenient

Does Lane 8 is in the track title?

search result could display tracks result that are close to the artist but not the artist itself.

When I said COULD I meant by that it’s not how Audirvāna search works, it’s to give you an example of why you will only see the artist and you need to click on it to see all of it’s tracks.

What tag manager are you using?

Yes Lane 8 is written in the track tittle. But I don’t want Audirvana to show me the tracks with Lane 8 in the title, but the tracks made by this artist. The files for which this artist is listed in the metadata, as the “artist”

Unfortunately I can’t do that, because a multitulde of results appear in the artist tab, as you can see on the following screenshot.
And if I click on Lane 8 only, not all the music will appear because some of them are displayed under the name “Lane 8, [the second artist of the track]”.

2023-05-02 20_45_54-Audirvāna Origin

I use MP3Tag

This is because they are not considered as multiple artists for the same tracks/album. Can you try to add ; between the artists of one of their tracks in MP3Tag? After doing this, try to drag and drop the track in the play queue and check if the multiple artist is identified?

Thanks for you answer.
I don’t know if I did right, but here’s my attempt. Audirvana still considers them as one artist

I have tried with and without space between the “;”

i deleted my post when i saw today i have made an error
even thought the tracks were named Deep Purple, it was right,
they are the right name for the song of Ella and Dave Brubeck :slight_smile:

So, no bugs for me in that field…

Hi @RunHomeSlow

What happens, when you click “See All” in the tracks cumn?


I only see those two :grinning:

I think @Antoine is aware if this. I have always known about it.

As I’ve said before, it’s not a crucial element for me but… well maybe there is a simple solution. A bit of coding sobewgere.

I know nothing about the back-end of these things.



For me it’s crucial, I can’t use Audirvana without this possibility to display all tracks of an artist in a search

Hi @Slifer

When you made those change, have you used the Album artist metadata?

No I don’t use the album arist metadata, because they are singles and they are not part of an album, so I just write in the field “artist” (interpretre)

Hi @Antoine

Can you please tell me exactly what fields are searched?