Audirvana Origin does not detect DSD 128


I am a beginner with Audirvana Origin, I have the Musical Fidelity MX DAC.
Compatible with DSD 64 and 128. With DSD 64, I have no problem.
With DSD 128, Audirvana does not detect it. How to set it up?

I am on Windows 10 22H2, and I use the latest version of Audirnana Origin

Thanks for your help.

Hi @Enrique,

Does DSD 128 is the maximum DSD rate your device can handle? If so you won’t be able to play to this rate using WASAPI. You will need to go for ASIO and use the ASIO driver your device manufacturer made for your device.

Bonjour Antoine,

Merci pour votre réponse, effectivement le DSD 128 est le taux maximum de mon DAC.
Je vais essayer l’option que vous me proposer.
Bon weekend !

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