Audirvana player stopping playback at end of each track

I’m new user Audirvana Ver.3.5.19
Mac OS Mojave 10.14.3
Tidal Hifi/Audirvana
-when select Network device dac Teac NT-505 Audirvana player stopping playback at end of each track and the slider not working.
-when in Audirvana select dac Teac Nt-505 USB everything working correct play all playlist or album.

Hi eradj!
This sounds like a common problem with the UPnP interface. Maybe your DAC is one of those with incompatibility issue. Did you use the search? I know it doesn’t really do it’s job, but give it a try.

I sometimes have the same issue with UPnP with the Linn Kimax DSM.

i have the same issue with a bose soundtouch.

New experiment now playing music true DAC Network Teac NT-505 with VOX player no problem all songs play normal.
Application Teac HR Streamer working also without any problem. Play next song and all album.
I’m not understanding why my devices DAC Teac NT 505 incompatibility with Audirvana but compatible with another software player’s VOX & Teac HR Streamer for Mac OS ???
Who shoot fixed problem ???
I’m just wanna listen music not spelling my time for solving problems.
BR Eradj

How are you connected to your NT-505? Only through network, or also through USB?
And this is the USB connection used with the other player.
In this case, you’ll want to try to select your DAC in the “local” list, and not the “network” one.

Yesterday I tried my old Pioneer BDP 450 as networkplayer. It stops after each track. I know the problem is the Pioneer and not Audirvana. But maybe there could be a workaround. If the play queue could be send as 1 track… Maybe it’s easy to implement, maybe it’s not possible.

I would appreciate a workaround, too. For my Yamaha NP-S2000, there is no chance to move Yamaha to update the software. Sad, but true…

Same here, playback stops after each track. This problem does not occur when I use my DAC via UPnP in Foobar so it should generally be supported. This makes Audirvana almost useless.

Just discovered the following “workaround”:
Play, with ASIO, to Neutron ( App on Android, paid license), from there to the YAMAHA.
BTW, shoot yourself in the foot :smiling_imp:


i updated to the latest version today hoping that the updates for upnp would fix the incompatability with bose soundtouch. sadly it doesn’t and the app stops after playing one track.

You might want to use JRiver in this scenario, or even a Minim server backend and a control point app on a computer or mobile device.

After I updated to the newest version the problem disappeared. Thanks a lot for fixing it.

I have the same problem on network player simaudio moon neo 380. It stops after each track. Older audirvana version (before 3.5) works fine.

Thank you for trying to help me with my problem.Today macOS Mojave 10.14.6/ Audirvana 3.5.28 and Teac NT 505 system ver. 1.21 start play music correct all album and not stoping after each track.

BR Eradj Nazimov