Audirvana plays only one track to UPnP device when downsampling


I’m a big fan of Audirvana but have run into an issue when playing to an older UPnP device on my network.

My first-generation Naim Mu-so is connected to my network via Wi-Fi. As this is an older device with older wireless technology I am limited to a 2.4 GHz connection. Naim states that the Mu-so can only reliably play files with a maximum sample rate of 48 kHz when using a wireless connection so this means a lot of my high resolution files need to be downsampled in order to play without network or firmware related dropouts.

The issue is that Audirvana stops playback after one track when downsampling from 88.2 kHz to 48 kHz. Track one plays perfectly at 48 kHz but playback never progresses to track two. The UI shows that track two is clearly queued up but no playback occurs.

88.2 kHz files queue and play without issue when downsampling to 44.1 kHz but do not work at 48 kHz.

96 kHz files queue and play without issue when downsampling to 48 kHz but do not work at 44.1 kHz.

Are Audirvana’s developers aware of this issue?

You get the best result if you down/upsample by ^2. The degradation introduced by the resampling is greater than the difference in quality between 44.1 and 48 KHz.

I have had similar issues when up sampling (but not consistantly) but my main problem is with gapless playback. I use dnla into an OPPO 205 and cannot get gapless to work (I have the latest sofware for both). The track will ofetn end just before the actual end and the start the next track after a gap with a second or two of the previous track

Hi all, thank you for your responses

@bitracer I don’t upsample anything – I don’t feel it makes a huge difference, even with much better equipment than the device in question.

I’m only downsampling here to force my files into the manufacturer’s spec for their outdated streaming architecture. If I send files at their real sample rate they will not play without lengthy pauses and dropouts.

I agree that downsampling 48 kHz files to 44.1 kHz is a waste of time and I’m only using it as an example to illustrate how Audirvana fails to play albums properly when downsampling from some specific sample rates to other specific sample rates.

I’d love to set Audirvana to ‘downsample by half’ so that my 88.2 kHz files are sent at 44.1 kHz and my 96 kHz files are sent at 48 kHz. This would be a great fix for me personally and quite probably nobody else on earth.

I understand I am an edge case and that maybe I’m expecting too much from the app.

@GB46 My gapless playback seems to be fine with all my devices. I do however feel that all tracks are slightly truncated and albums seem to end very abruptly.